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We can supply the computer power for your success!

Below is one small portion of one small chart, that allows you to navigate right through the area. When you purchase either the Macintosh®, or PC version, the NDI BSB format charts will allow you the largest upgrade, accurate ability available, kept current with the paper charts.

As a diver myself I have used the charts on a PowerBook, the ease at which you navigate is rewarding and allows you to appreciate the vast waters, on a screen. In some cases there are a number of wrecks, both surface and sunken, that are shown. You can further mark others, plot courses, and get ETA, Directions and bearings, all on one screen

*** Please note this application is NOT meant to replace your paper charts, but rather work with them. As in anything electronic, if you have a system failure, you MUST be able to use your charts to navigate yourself further. ***

There are a number of software providers, who could use these charts below. We will requesting demo version. As they become available we will list them here, feel free to try one.

NavimaQ For Macintosh

Here are some of the charts available on CD for the use with your navigational software.

Click on one of the lists below to see what area each CD covers.

Vancouver Island East

Queen Charlotte Sound

Vancouver Island West

Lake Superior

Lake Huron - North Channel

Geaorgian Bay

Lake Erie

Lake Ontario

Montreal to Quebec

Kingston to Montreal

Quebec to Anticosti Island West

Trent - Severn Waterway

Rideau - Ottawa - Richelieu

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at , we will try to answer your questions or direct it to the area where the answer may at least be found.